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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Going to Berkley!

        I did it! I sold CHANGING FORTUNES, my historical romance and a 2011 RWA
 Golden Heart Finalist to Berkley Publishing Company!!!  I don't think my feet have touched the ground since my agent called me with the offer.  I feel like the cartoon character kicking her heels, arms flapping above her head, and screaming "I did it!"  Better than crossing any finish line! 

      A long time coming, its been a journey with its share of heartaches and joys, chocolate and martinis, laughter and tears and.... well, you get the idea. If you're a writer, you really get the idea. It can be a long and lonely road, but meeting other writers along the way through my New England Writer's Chapter and many conferences, helps to smooth the route.  I've been pushed, prodded and cheered along by my incredible critique group, The Quirky Ladies, and so I could not celebrate this feat without a shout out to them. They've earned it as not many people would read a 400 page historical romance out loud with you! Thanks Liana, Tara, Kate, Nina and Michelle!!!  Ultimately, thanks to my great agent, Laura Bradford, who walked me through this whole process and believed in this book enough to help me whip it into shape and sell it!!!  Thanks Laura! 

     Berkley plans for a Spring 2013 release.... so exciting!!

     Before I think about having to complete my revisions, I'm going enjoy my happy dance!