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Friday, November 30, 2012

For the Love of a Soldier Book Cover, Blurb and an Excerpt!

It's here!  Berkley sent my book cover, and I love it!  

It was a bit of a journey and an interesting one as this is my first book and the whole publishing process is new to me. I sent my editor a bunch of covers I liked, gave my character descriptions, and general ideas of what I like. However, when the e-mail arrives with the final cover, nerves kick in before the file is opened. It's a classic Price is Right moment. What's behind Curtain #1? A winning BMW convertible or the booby prize - a complete set of sea breeze air fresheners for the car you didn't win... Then a huge exhale when you hit jack pot! So exciting! Better than a BMW car (or at least for this debut author). And there's my name on the cover.....surreal.  

There's more. While Berkley did a lovely job with the cover, I love the book blurb and their excerpt, which of course, I have to share with you. 

P.S. -- Get me -- the 'enthralling new voice in historical romance...'  Loving that!


From an enthralling new voice in historical romance comes a heartfelt tale of love, deception, and redemption in the face of mortal danger…

Captain Garrett Sinclair, the Earl of Kendall, has returned to England a changed man. As a survivor of the legendary Charge of the Light Brigade, he has spent months as a remorseless rake and dissolute inebriate to forget it. But Garrett also has also made powerful enemies who want him dead…

Desperate and down to her last pound, Lady Alexandra Langdon has disguised herself as a man for a place at the gaming tables. But when a hard-eyed, handsome man wins the pot, he surprises her by refusing her money. Indebted, she reveals to him an overheard plot against him, and promises to help him find his foes—for a price.

But even as Alexandra fights her growing desire to reveal herself—and her heart—to the determined Garrett, she cannot shed the fear that the cost of her alliance with the earl may be a price too dear…her own secret betrayal.

the opposite of never . . .
The carriage made another turn and his mood crested. Riding on this wave of exuberance, he leaned down and gently kissed Alexandra on her parted lips. A murmur escaped her and she lifted her hand to cup his cheek. Her fingers slid to the nape of his neck, curling into his hair, and he groaned. God she felt so good, tasted better. Desire coursed through him, and he wrapped his arms around her body and crushed her to him, deepening the kiss.
Alexandra’s eyes flew open and she stared into his, wide- eyed and still.
His lips curved into a smile against hers.
She pushed against his chest, straining away from him. “Stop that,” she cried. “You can’t keep kissing me.”
“But I like kissing you. And your response tells me you liked it, too.”
“I was half asleep!” she protested.
He lowered his voice and pulled her back against him, liking the feel of her soft body against his. “Then imagine how much better it will be when you’re awake.”
She averted her face. “Lord Kendall, I told you—” “Garrett.”
She looked at him, frowning in confusion.
“That’s my name. You used it earlier today. And now
we’ve been intimate.”
She gasped and shoved against his chest so hard that he
released her. “We most certainly have not! A few stolen kisses do not constitute intimacy.”
“Good, then let’s do it again.” “Absolutely—”
Absolutely worked for him . . . 

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